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Membership Covenant
By the members of exilic presbyterian church our commitments to one another in the sight of God
Having been chosen by God and drawn by the Spirit to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, I now, do joyfully enter into this covenant with the members of this church as one body in Christ, according to the following affirmations and commitments.

1. I acknowledge myself to be a sinner in the sight of God, justly deserving his wrath, and without hope except in God’s sovereign love and mercy to save me.

2. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the only Savior of sinners, and receive and rest upon him alone for salvation as he is offered to me in the Gospel.

3. I resolve and promise, in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit, that I will endeavor to put to death the misdeeds of my sinful nature and to live my life as is fitting a true follower of Jesus Christ.

4. I promise to support the church in its worship and work to the best of my ability. (eg: Sunday service, community groups, fellowship activities, serving...)

5. I submit myself to the government and discipline of the church, and promise to pursue its purity and peace.

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