Over the past 4 years, our church has been great at telling skeptics, the curious, and Christians to come to Exilic. However, it is not enough to simply tell people to come, we must also GO as the Great Commission says. So, this year, we are launching something called the “GO” Campaign. But where are we going?

This year, we plan on participating with “Don’t Walk By” which is an annual winter outreach to men and women experiencing homelessness in our city. Volunteer teams will hit the streets and subway lines to invite the homeless back to Anchor Church where they will be offered a hot meal, clothing, medical care, and an invitation to an alternative life. We are also partnering with Recovery House of Worship in Brooklyn and their food pantry ministry.

There are 3 numbers that we want to focus on when it comes to the world: 1%, 10%, and 100%. We want 1% of our congregation to commit to long-term missions (3 people). We want 10% of our church to commit to a short-term missions trip (30 people). And we want 100% of our congregation to support financially and in prayer. Now, for the 1% to come to fruition, our starting point has to be the 10%, which brings us to our very first Vision Trip.

This year, we will be going on a Vision Trip to Cambodia from February 16-23, 2019. During this Vision Trip, our team will be learning from the missionaries in Cambodia by visiting their various different ministry sites throughout the country. Our goal for this trip is to catch a vision for what God is doing overseas, and to participate long term in one way, shape, or form. Please pray for our team!

Each of our Community Groups this year will also sponsor a child through Compassion International. This year, we have 12 CG’s, which means we will sponsor 12 children. At the end of the year, 1-2 people from the CG will continue sponsoring the child. Next year, if we have 14 CG’s, we will sponsor 14 new children, which means that in two-years time, we will have sponsored 26 children. Our hope is that in the next few years, we will have sponsored hundreds of children from around the world.

Lastly, we are also hosting a human trafficking event featuring Richard Lee who is the director of church mobilization at International Justice Mission and a TEDx speaker. There are 40 million slaves in the world today, many of whom have been purchased for less than $20. Sally Han, one of our own members will also be sharing about her work at Restore NYC.