CHRIST & CULTURE TALK: Pornography and the Hook-up Culture

The Sexual Revolution has led to a hook-up and pornified culture that promotes unrestrained sexual freedom without responsibility. This has not only led to moral issues, but significant justice issues as well. Join us as we hear an eye-opening talk about these real and pressing topics in our generation today.

Speaker: Paul Horrocks (CEO of Justice NYC)
When: Friday, June 17th at 7:00pm
Where: 25 West 31st Street, 2nd Floor

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C&C is Exilic's open forum where we discuss the intersection of faith and culture. Each C&C will consist of a short, powerful talk by a specialist of a particular subject followed by Q&A. During these open forums, we address today's issues from a theological (not political) perspective in order to develop fruitful disciples in and for our generation.