Our last session will meet this Wednesday, June 28th
7pm @ Pastor Aaron's

*Please check your e-mail
for the address and potluck info.*

Session 5 Resources 

1. Sermon (Aaron J. Chung): If God is Good, Why is There Evil and Suffering? 

(From the Questioning Christianity Sermon Series) 

2. Sermon (Aaron J. Chung): How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? 

(From the Questioning Christianity Sermon Series)

Session 4 Resources 

1. Video (Ravi Zacharias): Why So Many Interpretations of the Bible? Which One is Right? 


3. Sermon (Timothy Keller): Literalism - Isn't the Bible Historically Unreliable and Regressive? 

Session 3 Resources 

1. Video (Francis Collins): The Veritas Forum at Caltech (How I became a Christian)

3. Video (Michael Horton): Defend the Faith - "Doesn't Science Disprove Christianity?"

Session 2 Resources

1. Sermon (Tim Keller): "Exclusivity- How can there be just one true religion?"


Session 1 Resources

1. TED Radio Hour: "Believers and Doubters"

2. Introduction Video


Making Sense of God is a monthly open forum that will begin in January 2017, for seekers, skeptics, and those who have questions about Christianity. Each of our six gatherings provides a safe and open space to explore the toughest claims of the Christian faith with friends who do not identify with religions, but are open to learning more. 

Dates: Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 23, Apr 20, Jun 1, and Jun 28
Location: Adelante Studios, 2nd Floor, 25 W. 31 St. New York, NY
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

For more information, please email us at


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