Mercy Fund

Exilic Church provides general member care through the regular ministries of the church and more focused care through our member Life Groups. However, the need for more specific care may arise from time to time. Members can access the Exilic Mercy Fund, which exists to show God's mercy and love when members have specific needs such as unexpected financial needs or professional counseling services. 

For members seeking financial assistance, we will first ask to go over your budget. Requests will be considered based on the member’s basic living needs. Each request for financial assistance goes through a review process which may involve a member of the Exilic Finance Committee. Members may be asked to consider letting go of nonessential living expenses before assistance is approved. Financial assistance may continue over time; however, it would be with the intent of reducing and eventually discontinuing our financial assistance when appropriate. 

For members who need professional counseling, we will first assign them to meet with one of our pastors who will listen to their story and pray for them. Should they still need professional counseling, Exilic will connect the member to a certified Christian Counselor and the Mercy Fund will subsidize a portion of the cost. The amount of the subsidy will depend on the member's specific financial needs (at least 50%), and the member must pay the remainder of the cost. The member is expected to keep all appointments and regularly update Exilic staff on the progress of the counseling sessions. The number of sessions will be determined on a case by case basis. After the last subsidized session, there will be a follow-up evaluation with the assigned pastor.   

If you are in need of care, please apply below.

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Any information you provide will be strictly confidential and limited to Exilic staff.