Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming ceremony! To request an Exilic pastor to officiate your wedding, please make sure you meet the requirements and complete the application below.

1. You or your fiancé must be an official member of Exilic Church.
2. You and your fiancé must have completed pre-engagement/pre-marital counseling either through Exilic or another church.

The officiant will meet with the couple for ceremony planning sessions in addition to the wedding rehearsal prior to the wedding date. 

Suggested honorarium: at least $400 which includes any additional expenses that may arise during the counseling and planning sessions, rehearsal, and ceremony. This should be paid directly to the officiant. 

Please note: Whether the ceremony is out-of-town or not, the couple should be prepared to cover any and all travel and lodging expenses (flight, hotel, rental car, parking fees, etc.) for the officiant. 

Application for Weddings

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