Exilic Community Groups

The purpose of our community groups is twofold: community formation and theological formation. We hope our community groups will provide opportunities for those gathered to build community in smaller and more intimate settings than our Sunday services. These groups will also focus upon Christian education through study and discussion of Scripture. By wrestling with and praying through the Bible together as well as sharing our lives, we seek to grow in faith and community. 

Our community groups gather in homes around NYC during the week and at our church location on Sundays. This year, there are 10 CG's that will be meeting bi-weekly starting in September. We will be exploring the Christian faith and how it applies to our everyday lives. If you are a college student, please consider joining our College CG! Please refer to the church calendar for specific CG dates. 


TUESDAYS at 7:00pm (34th St. and Broadway)

TUESDAYS at 7:00pm (57th St. and 9th Ave.)

WEDNESDAYS at 7:00pm (32nd St. and 6th Ave.) *for newcomers* 

WEDNESDAYS at 7:00pm (45th St. and 8th Ave.) 

WEDNESDAYS at 7:00pm (56th St. and Broadway)

THURSDAYS at 7:00pm (32nd St. and 6th Ave.) *for newcomers*

THURSDAYS at 7:00pm (28th St. and Park Ave.) 

FRIDAYS at 7:00pm (32nd St. and 6th Ave.) 

FRIDAYS at 7:00pm (57th St. and 9th Ave.)

SUNDAYS at *12:45pm (Adelante Studios, 2nd Floor) *childcare provided*


Who leads the CG's?
All of our CG's are led by the pastoral staff. 

What do I do if the CG I want to join us full?
If the CG that you'd like to join is full, please fill out the form below and the coordinator for that CG will contact you when space becomes available. Meanwhile, please attend the Sunday CG until a space opens up!

Can I lose my spot in a CG?
While we understand life can get busy, if you consistently miss CG we may ask you to offer your spot to someone on the waitlist.

Is there childcare?
Yes! The Sunday CG which meets in Studio 1 during the 2nd service will have childcare available in the same room.

More questions? Email us at community@exilic.com.


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Are you currently on another CG roster? *
Note: All CG's except Sundays is full. We will try our best to add you to a CG as space opens up throughout the year.